• Bertràn

    Accusative is not very useful, except for personal pronouns. And moreover dative could be interesting too in that case.

    Regarding the word order in sentence, I think many natural languages manage very well to change it, when necessary (Is it really usefull?) or for stylistic effects (most of the time), without the help of accusative.

    IMHO, Esperanto is not easier than English for non-European people, and that's why (among other reasons) it can't yet supplant English as an international language. However, for European people English may be less easy than Esperanto, or preferably than any other constructed language, because of its spelling, some elements of its grammar (irregular verbs, et cetera), and a part of its vocabulary (faux amis and s…

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  • Bertràn

    ( article publié sur le 14 novembre 2009 )

    Molilingad sem mo de ideal sluz, wa se ne ankoìtli ki de adoptad u struen lingu, naturim.

    Molilingad san "ideal", je moz os vido kospeken wim un utopij, u tel do wen un moz streno, ba wen un moz nevos atogo, usim is un moz pratìzo jaki dia, id mastoro kwer o pin lingas be som tem. Di se de uni sluz po progaro de varid ni uspresadis id kulturis id po apìto un uni mod meno.

    Adopto u komùn linga, struen is mozli slogan kritere wen nu av mozen befendo dafòr in polen kovenad, se u stapa po atogo di tel, ude de kodìke te di linga sev obe opren id bazen su u grup lingus potenan maj o min a de som famìl (in de lati sin de vordi), po ne drivo ap do stranic kreatade, dubic micade, mur…

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