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The letter ʒ (upper case: Ʒ) is used as a letter in the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA).

Sound value Edit

The sound is decribed as

ISO 646Edit

In some environments it is impossible to write the letter ʒ, while all other letters of ISO 646 are available. Unused letters in Uropi are y, x, q.

  1. y - has the value /j/ in several alphabets. /j/ is voiced palatal approximant
  2. x - has the value /ks/ in several alphabets, which is voiceless, in IPA it is /x/ voiceless velar fricative
  3. q - in IPA is /q/ voiceless uvular stop (Wikipedia) or voiceless uvular plosive (IPA website)

Some IALs use j = /ʒ/ and y = /j/. Choosing j = /j/ and y = /ʒ/ increases the compliance with IPA without changing any other letter.

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