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jas = glace

(i-e ieg-* = glace > ( ? pers yakh = glace) gaul iag(o)-virl aig > gael oighear = glace, gal ia = glace, bret yen = froid, hit eka = froid, gel, glace, vnor jaki = glaçon, ags gicel = glace

+ i-e eis-*, ein-* = glace > av aexa- = glace, gel, isu- = glacé, pers yakh = glace, osset. yex, ix = glace, afgh. asai = gel, visl íss, ags is, aha îs = glace > al Eis, ang ice, neer ijs, sué is = glace, balt-sl. inia- = givre, vsl inej, inij = tourbillon de neige > rus иней “ineï”, tch jíní, srcr inje, lit ýnis = givre

infl. i-e gel-* = gel, froid > lat gelum = gel, glace, glacies = glace > it ghiaccio, fr glace, cat glaç, roum gheață; esp hielo = gel, glace)

jasen = glacé

jasi = de glace, glacé fig

jasibànc (al Eisbank) = banquise

jasigel = aiguille de glace, stalactite

jasikrèm = glace, crème glacée

jasikùb = glaçon

jasikubel = seau à glace

jasizo = glacer, transformer en glace

jasivo = se glacer, se transformer en glace

de lag av jasiven = le lac est pris par les glaces

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