UROPI is an international auxiliaire language aiming at facilitating communication between the peoples. UROPI se un intranasioni eldilinga telan a favòro u lezi komunikad intra polke.
1) Uropi is a SIMPLE, coherent language which is EASY to learn for everybody. 1) Uropi se u SLIMI id koteni linga, LEZI a lero pa tale.
a) It uses a limited number of phonemes: its pronunciation is very close to that of Italian. a) Je uz u limiten numar fonemis. Ji usvòk se mol neri a Itali
b) Its spelling is phonetic: it is pronounced as it is written: 1 letter = 1 sound; 1 sound = 1 letter, as in Spanish. b) Ji regiskrìv se fonetiki: je vid usvoken wim je vid skriven = 1 litèr = 1 zon; 1 zon = 1 litèr, wim in Espàni.
c) Its grammar is very simple and regular, close to a simplified English grammar. c) Ji gramatik se slimi id reguli wim u slimizen Engli gramatik.
2) Uropi is a FLEXIBLE language: Starting with the same root, you can build a noun, a verb, an adjective, an adverb, etc., adding regular affixes. 2) Uropi se u FLEKSI linga: Od u som rod, un moz struo u nom, u verb, un adjetìv, un advèrb, i.s.p., uzan reguli afikse.
3) Uropi is a TRANSPARENT language. Starting with very simple root-words, you can build compounds with a very clear meaning, and thus you don't have to learn thousands of different words. Compounds are built in the same way as in Chinese, German, Russian, Greek… 3) Uropi se u TRUVIZI linga. Ki mol slimi rodivorde un moz struo koseten vorde wej sin se perfetim klar. Un se ne obvigen lero tiliade disemi vorde. Koseten vorde vid struen wim in Cini, Doski, Rusi, Greci …
4) Uropi is a SIMPLE but not a SIMPLISTIC language. The richness of its vocabulary and of its grammar enables you to express all the nuances of human thought. 4) Uropi se u SLIMI, ba ne UVESLIMI linga. Ji vokabular id ji gramatik pomòz no uspreso tale nuanse human meni.
5) Uropi is a NEUTRAL and INTERNATIONAL language. Its vocabulary is based on the roots which are common to Indo-European languages, the largest language family, spoken by half the world population on the five continents, and on the terms which are already international (such as scientific terms, for example). 5) Uropi se un NEUTRI id INTRANASIONI linga. Ji vokabular se bazen su de rode komùn a Indo-Europan lingas, da se de grenes famìl lingus voken pa de mij moldi polkad su de pin kontinente, id su de ʒa intranasioni vokabular (po samp: siensi vorde).
6) Uropi has thus been designed to make the largest number of citizens of the world feel at home and perfectly at ease with it. 6) Sim Uropi vidì kocepen pote de grenes numar moldi politanis moz felo sia be dom id perfetim komforti ki ja.

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