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barb = barbe

(i-e bhardhā* = barbe > lat barba > it, esp, occ bar-ba, roum barbă, fr barbe, visl bardha, ags, beard, aha bart > ang beard, neer baard, al Bart, vprus. bordus, let bārda, lit barzda, vsl brada > sr, cr brada, rus борода “boroda”, pol broda)

snito barb = tailler la barbe

kadibàrb = bouc

barben N & adj   = barbu

barbi  adj.  = de barbe, barbu


(lat barba, V/ barb, > barbulus > it, esp barbo, occ barbèl, barbeu, fr barbeau, ang barbel, al Barbe, neer Barbeel, da barbe = barbeau; gr.m μπραμπούνι "barbouni", cro barbun = rouget, V/ rojbarbin)

= barbeau  (poisson)

barbor = barbier

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