arel, -rle = aigle

(i-e er/ or-*, oros*, orn-* = aigle > arm oror, urur = mouette, milan, gr όρνις “ornis” = oiseau, gaul er-no-?, virl irar, ilar = aigle > gael iolar, gall eryr, bret erer, got ara, ags earn, aha aro, aru > al Aar, Adler (< adelar), neer arend, da, nor ørn, sué örn, lit erélis, let èrglis, vsl orьlъ > rus орёл “oriol”, tch orel, srcr orao, pol  orzel, hit haras = aigle

infl. lat aquila > it aquila, esp águila, port águia, roum acvilă, fr aigle, ang eagle

infl. gr αετός “aetos” = aigle, V/ ovel )

mari arel = aigle de mer, pici arel, picarel = aigle pêcheur, pigargue

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