and = canard

(i-e anHti* = canard > skr ātis, ātī = oiseau aqua-tique, gr νήσσα “nêssa” = canard, lat anas, anatis > it anatra, esp ánade, cat ánec, occ anet, aneda (canard, cane), afr ane = cane, visl ond, aha anut > al Ente, neer eend, da, nor and, sué and, anka, lit antis, vsl oty > rus утка “outka” = canard

infl. fr canard, gall hwyad, bret houad = canard, V/ ovel )

cag a ande chasse aux canards, and in aranʒi sos = canard à l’orange, klomi and = canard boiteux, rosten and = canard rôti, vilgi and = canard sauvage,

anda = cane

andu ove = oeufs de cane

andi  adj. = de canard

andi lug = mare aux canards

andit = caneton

affect. = mon (petit) canard

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